We aim to provide the people of Tonga with a safe, reliable, efficient and reliable network infrastructure do deliver power to all islands in the Kingdom of Tonga. 

We currently have completed and ongoing network upgrade projects to reduce network losses from the existing distribution network. The government had set as one of its National Determined Contributions (NDC’s) for line losses to be reduced by 9% by end of year 2020, in which TPL has successfully achieved, due to the implementation and completion of the Network Upgrade Projects. 

Power Network Upgrade to all Islands

Implementation and upgrade to the power network infrastructure is currently underway running consecutively across the different island groups in Tonga. 
For the main grid in Tongatapu the Tonga Village Network Upgrade project has been completed for the urban areas in Tongtapu. The final phase is the Nuku’alofa Network Upgrade Project which is currently ongoing. This project has been divided into 5 areas of the Central Business District of Nuku’alofa and aims to completed by year 2023. 
For the outer islands of ‘Eua, Vava’u and Ha’apai, OIREP also known as the” Outer islands Energy Efficiency project”, looks after the upgrade of the power network infrastructure. Upgrades to the power network for ‘Eua & Ha’apai is completed whilst the upgrade to the island of Vava’u is currently undergoing its implementation phase.

Upgrade to from Analog Meters to Smart Meters

All analog electricity meters will be upgraded to Smart Meters to provide more efficiency in the meter reading operations. Switching to Smart Meters also means that customers will no bear the fee of reconnection if their power has been disconnected and there will be no more manual readings. Your total power usage will be send to us digitally where we can then view and create your monthly bills and then sent to you via normal means of bill distribution to your home, or you can register for our email billing system at no cost, and get notified of your outstanding bills.