Project Summary

NNUP is the upgrade and modernization of the electricity network in the Nuku'alofa Area, in 5 phases which encompasses the 5 areas of Nuku'alofa. NNUP will help to reduce network losses, increase access to electricity, provide safe and reliable electricity supply to approximately 8,472 households and businesses in the greater Nuku'alofa area, and improve TPL's operating and maintenance capability.

Project Location


Project Benefits

-    Reduces Tonga’s reliance on diesel for power generation.
-    Improve the safety of the network, reducing the risk of injury and death
-    Increased network efficiency and reliability
-    Improve resilience of the network to withstand extreme weather conditions such as cyclones
-    New connections, with homes and businesses not previously connected to the grid
-    Reduce line faults
-    The inclusion of pre-payment metering to help families struggling with their monthly power bills
-    Recruitment and training of new linesmen and lineswomen
-    Purchase of locally grown and treated power poles for use in the project. 

Donor Funding

ADB: $9.3M NZD

Timote Tu’ipulotu: Project Manager, Tonga Network Upgrade Project