Every household is a simple energy system, from vacuum cleaning and air conditioning, washing to cooking, lighting, heating, refrigeration and entertainment. By managing your energy use, you can reduce your electricity bills and thus become a part of sound energy conservation practices. By applying these simple guidelines and appliance use tips, you can easily save immense amount of cash every year.

By applying the following energy guidelines and appliance-use tips, you could easily save big bucks every year.

TPL continues to help Tonga Energy Smart by providing energy Savings Tips to its customers:


  • Always choose the most energy efficient fridge/freezer that suits your needs
  • Check the seal on the fridge/freezer doors and replace the seal if broken or damaged
  • Keep the temperature setting at 5 degrees for refrigerators and -18 degrees for freezers. For each degree lower, you add up to 10% of the fridge/freezer electricity costs
  • Clean up the condenser coil at the back of the unit regularly. Restricting ventilation could add 15% to energy use


  • Switch off lights in empty rooms or when not required
  • Use fluorescent lights, LED lights and compact fluorescent lamps in high use areas (more than 4 hours per day)
  • Fluorescent lights, LED lights and compact fluorescent lamps are three to five times more efficient than incandescent bulbs
  • Light-coloured ceilings and walls will reflect and distribute light more evenly than dark surfaces and reduce your lighting requirements


  • Always turn fans off when a room is not occupied
  • Set the thermostats on air conditioners to 25 degrees. Decreasing the temperature of your air conditioner by 1 degrees increases the energy consumption by 5-10%

hot shower​​​​​​​Hot Water

  • If a new electric water heater is needed, purchase an instant heating type rather than a tank type heater
  • Check your water fittings regularly to avoid wasting hot water
  • Install a warer saving shower to save on both water and energy

 hot waterCooking

  • When using electric kettles do not boil more water than required
  • Generally, gas cooking is cheaper than electric cooking

washing    Laundry

  • Use cold water whenever possible
  • Wash a full load rather than several smaller loads
  • If you have an electric or LPG dryer, use it only when it is absolutely necessary – use the sun and fresh air instead


  • Turn OFF appliances when not required
  • Entertainment appliances that have a remote control use of electricity even when turned off. For maximum energy savings, turn off the power outlet when going to bed or when no one is at home