By understanding how your electricity works enables you to be more aware of your surroundings and keeping yourself and your family safe indoors and outdoors. Please view the safety tips below to keep you safe and avoid any potential electricity hazards.

Outdoor Safety

Tree Limbs

If you’re planning on clearing tree limbs from our power lines, please make sure to check any encroaching power lines hidden within the tree limbs before you trim. You can contact 28344 or 21344 should you have any questions or concerns about tree limbs encroaching into our power lines.

Please keep trees and other vegetation that you own at your premises from encroaching on power lines from the minimum distance Set by Tonga Power:

Overhead Line Growth Limit Zone
11kV-High Voltage 2.0 meters
400V/230V – Low Voltage 1.0 metres

Before you Dig

If you’re planning on digging at home, please call 944 two days before you conduct your digging, so our workers can mark our underground service lines to ensure there is no damage and the area is safe.

Power Lines

Look up and look out for overhead power lines. Be mindful of any nearby lines before you climb a ladder or extend the handle of a pool-cleaning tool.

Keep materials, tools and all parts of your body at least 15 feet away from any overhead power lines at all times.


ironGeneral appliances

  • Remove electrical appliances with damaged/frayed cords or cracked or broken plugs
  • Turn off power points before plugging/unplugging appliances
  • Turn off all appliances such as irons, electric kettle, and hair straighteners and stove tops if no longer in use before leaving home
  • Ensure adequate space around appliances to prevent overheating
  • Remove all combustible material from stoves, heaters and lamps
  • Extension cords should not be used in wet areas
  • Licensed electricians should undertake all your electrical work and repairs

heater​​​​​​​Electricity & Water

  • Be extremely careful when using appliances connected to power points near sinks or baths    
  • If an electrical appliance has been immersed in water it must be discarded immediately    
  • Switch off and unplug all portable electrical appliances, such as hairdryers, shavers, etc. after use    
  • Don’t use hairdryers in bathroom areas    
  • Never touch anything electrical with wet hands or bare feet.

toasterKitchen Appliances

  • Regularly clean range hood filters
  • Clean ovens and hot plates regularly to prevent the build-up of spilled fats and burnt foods
  • Install a ventilation system, flue or exhaust fan in the kitchen to remove fumes while cooking
  • Switch off and unplug your toaster before trying to remove toast or crumpets that are caught in the toaster    
  • Remove bread crumbs from the toaster regularly as a build up can be hazardous
  • Never leave cooking unattended

cordExtension Leads

  • Extension cords with damaged plugs or cords should be discarded    
  • Position extension cords along walls and around furniture    
  • Extension cords should have 3 pins (plugs with 2 pins are not earthed and should be used only with double insulated electrical equipment)    
  • Cords should not be draped over benches where they can be caught or grabbed.