6MW Solar Project is an Independent Power Purchase Agreement between Tonga Power and Sunergise Ltd, to produce power and sell back on an agreed buying rate per unit by TPL. This IPP Agreement is a 25 yrs deal. There is no battery storage setup attached to this project. It is only rely on its day to day generation and injected to Tonga Power grid. 
The project then is divided into three project sites which all locates on the Western District of Tongatapu Island.
Each site will have an estimated install capacity of 2.3MW.

Location of Project Sites


Our Project

We are currently in the implementation phase of upgrading our network to a more safe, reliable and resilient network for our people.

Name of Solar Farm Site Status of the Project Challenges
Fualu Solar Farm – Power Unit 1 -    Vegetation Clearance completed
-    Fencing with chainlink completed
No new activities yet

COVID-19 impacts on the construction which has cause the international boarder close for many months now.

  • Delaying of the experts for the actual construction of the solar farms. The restriction on the international travelers coming to Tonga is still uncertain. Therefore, the idea of giving the work to a local subcontractor is still a concern on the quality performance of the local subcontractors if they are given the construction with minimal supervision and quality control.

•    Delaying of some of the equipment and materials ETA in Tonga
•    HSE Management to adjust and ensure that COVID-19 elements to include on the Plan. 

Masilamea Solar Farm – Power Unit 2 -    Vegetation Clearance completed
-    Fencing with chainlink  completed
No new activities yet
Liukava Solar Farm – Power Unit 3 -    Vegetation Clearance completed
-    Fencing with chainlink is almost completed
No new activities yet

​​​​​​​Below is the projected timeframe each solar power unit site with their commercial operation estimated date. This will be the timeline when each power unit site starts selling their power units generates each day to TPL.

Contact Details
General Media Enquiries & Project Complaints
Mr. Vahid Fifita
Project Manager
email : vfifita@tongapower.to