The main objective of the project is to improve the rural and per-urban low voltage network in villages in Tongatapu to provide safe, efficient and reliable electricity distribution networks to the houses and businesses in those villages and districts. Due to the poor quality of networks in many of these villages, the power supply is unreliable, inconsistent and inefficient which presents a public safety hazard.

Project Benefits

-    Reduces Tonga’s reliance on diesel for power generation.
-    Improve the safety of the network, reducing the risk of injury and death
-    Increased network efficiency and reliability
-    Improve resilience of the network to withstand extreme weather conditions such as cyclones
-    New connections, with homes and businesses not previously connected to the grid
-    Reduce line faults
-    The inclusion of pre-payment metering to help families struggling with their monthly power bills
-    Recruitment and training of new linesmen and lineswomen
-    Purchase of locally grown and treated power poles for use in the project. 


Project Operations

  • Replacing utility power poles and power network overhead cables for LV network distribution system in the villages with new system designed and constructed in accordance with New Zealand standards. 
  • Service lines from the overhead distribution system to 9554 premises including private household and commercials have put underground. 
  • Upgrading of the associated HV network to meet New Zealand standard.
  • Provide training for the project line mechanics to a Level 4 New Zealand standard. This is to develop the skill required for the upgrade work and also maintain the capability within the company.

Project Funding

MFAT : NZD$23,832,905.97


Timote Tu’ipulotu: Project Manager, Tonga Network Upgrade Project