Project Summary

The project objective is to alleviate the problems many customers are having with bill payment and disconnection/reconnection through smart metering providing financial benefit to both the customers and to TPL. The project objective is also to enhance TPL’s capability to fulfill its regulatory requirements for customer service and network performance.

What are smart meters?

Smart meter is a digital electric meter that can record more regular and more accurate electricity consumption information and has two-way remote communication capability. Unlike your current meter, smart meters are read automatically and does not require meter readers to read your meter each month.


Why is TPL installing smart meters?

Changing the existing electric meter with the new smart meter is part of Tonga Power’s plan to improve electricity services to the electricity consumers and in general the people of Tonga. Smart Meters will allow TPL to offer alternative methods of billing such as prepayment. The new meters will also allow TPL to monitor more closely the quality of power that we are providing our customers.

Who's receiving the smart meters?

All TPL’s customers – residences and businesses will receive smart meters. You will be notified by letter one month prior to your smart meter installation.