Power Generation

The Generation Department is responsible for the operation, construction, and maintenance of the generation plant on all four islands grids, emergency generators, and for monitoring and control of the system including protection and compliance reporting.
Other duties involve integration of new generation onto the system, and support in the development of new generation projects.
As of February 2016, TPL installed a diesel capacity of 17.276 MW in all four islands. Tongatapu capacity and its peak demand is about 9.5 MW.
Diesel Generation with a capacity of 13.9 MW
1.4 MW from the Maama Mai Solar Facility plus 500 KW of Lithium Capacitor with a capacity of 11 KWH
1.0 MW from the Vaini solr Farm (Mata 'oe La'a) and 500 KW Lithium Capacitor. Third party micro solar, wind project and third party solar is around 500 kw as of today.
Tonga's frist large scale Independent Power Producer is now operating at 2 MW. Expected to generate over 2,800,000 kwh over it's first year of operation.
1.892 MW plus 420 KW of solar fuel save controller including 185 KWH battery storage safe discharge generating at 0.415 KV
A 20 kw roof to solar is now installed operating at Prince Wellington Ngu Hospital in Vava'u with a 96 kwhrs storage.
The Ha Mai Solar Farm at Lifuka, Ha'apai is now operating. A total capcity of 550kw and 660 kw/hr of bettery storage. A 11 kw wind turbine is now operating at Foa island in Ha'apai
0.792 MW plus soon to be commissioned 200 KW photovoltaic solar and fuel save controller generating at 0.415 KV
The Huelo 'o e Funga Fonua solar plant was commissioned in July. A capacity of 200 kw which will generate around 15-20% of electricity for the people of 'Eua.