Smart Recloser for the Power Distribution Network

12 September 2014        

TPL linesmen install the third recloser at Maui,Kolomotu’a to serve the Hihifo Districts.


During electrical fault conditions, Tonga Power features an open-close-open drop out operating sequence with a 5 second reclosing interval. In finding new and innovative ways to modernize the electrical grid, the installation of reclosers in the network can relieve some of the traditional reliability issues that hindered the networks performance in the past.

To improve reliability standards of electrical supply, minimization of outage times and provision for uninterrupted electricity to important customers, Tonga Power have begun significantly improving its overhead electricity distribution lines through the instalment of the automated reclosers on its network.

The third recloser installed at Maui, Kolomotu’a in Tongatapu was commissioned on Wednesday, 3 September 2014 at Hihifo Road to capture faults occurring on the network within the area and to reduce the number of temporary faults that can cause permanent outages to the entire island.

“For Tonga, we have a network that’s prone to so many faults, whether it be trees on power lines, accidents affecting the network, inclement weather, and the network reaching its end of life, the reclosers have the ability to reduce the size of zones or areas affected restricting the network shutdown to specific areas only” said Mr Seti Chen, Tonga Power’s Design and Planning Manager

According to Seti, “it has been a long time coming as the proposal to install these reclosers had been requested since 2010. The investment being installed will greatly help the company to reduce the outage time during faults, improve the quality of distributed energy, and reduce operational costs as we can narrow down the fault to a particular area."


Thanks to Tonga Power’s design and planning team as well as the distribution team which were under the supervision of Tevita Vuki and Samisoni Fatai, the work was completed within time to install the third recloser at Maui. The team installed the third recloser in one day which required a five hour power shutdown to safely carry out the work.

According to Seti, Tonga Power have installed three sets of reclosers over the last month. The first one was installed in Tokomololo to serve the areas of ‘Utulau to Kala’au. The second recloser was installed in Malapo to cover the areas towards Niutoua, and the third was recently installed at Maui to serve the Hihifo Districts.


The estimated cost for a single recloser is TOP$58,000, and the installation of one recloser is valued at approximately TOP$65,000. Although there are only three locations at present with automated reclosers, Tonga Power hopes to have more in the future.

Picture of the work that was carried out in Maui, Kolomotu’a on Wednesday 3 September 2014 by TPL linesmen to install the third recloser at Hihifo Road.
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