Seti Chen (GM-Operations, Tonga Power Ltd), Kwok Lo Yan (Commercial Officer, Singyes), Robert Matthews (CEO-Tonga Power Ltd), Hon. Poasi Tei (Minister for MEIDECC & MPE) and HE Zhaoji (Project Manager, Singyes), Li Xianan (Site Manager, Singyes). Matatoa, Tofoa


China based Zhuhai Singyes Green Building Company Ltd, one of Asia’s leading solar energy companies, welcomed the Minister of MEIDECC who is also the Minister for Public Enterprises, Hon. Poasi Tei to the solar facility in Tofoa for a guided tour of the first project to be installed by an Independent Power Producer in Tonga.

Joined by Tonga Power’s CEO, Robert Matthews and Tonga Power’s GM-Operations, Seti Chen as well as the team from Singyes, the Minister was able to experience the benefits of the solar farm.

On October 1st, the peak solar energy penetration was at its maximum due to a clear day with no clouds. The 2 Megawatt solar plant together with the other solar plants managed to provide enough renewable energy which enabled the power station to run with only 2 diesel generators during the day.

The facility contains 8000 solar panels which are ground mounted on 800 racking systems and is assembled on His Majesty’s land at Tofoa.

The 2 Megawatt array provides the highest electrical output from a single installation in Tonga, and is a major part of other large renewable energy projects with a strong focus on achieving Tonga’s 50% renewable energy target by 2020.

The Minister was briefed on how the solar has been performing during its first week of operation whereby the data collected on the first few days had generated over 60% renewable energy.

According to Seti Chen, TPL’s GM-Operations, “On a clear sunny day, the solar plant have been able to produce a peak of 2 Megawatt from mid-afternoon to 1pm”.

The project provided employment opportunities to local workers in Tonga throughout the construction phase which began in January 2017.  

Located in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, Zhuhai Singyes Green Building Technology Co Ltd is engages in the investment, construction and operation of large solar photovoltaic power plants and micro-grid energy systems, boosting the top-grade design and construction qualification in China. The company has also been involved in more than 600 large systems engineering projects.



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