Generation Connection Policy

Tonga Power Generation Connection Policy

The policy aims to ensure that all Tonga Power’s customers have access to the benefit of other renewable energy technologies, but in a way that protects the security and quality of supply to other customers.

For developers wishing to propose larger generation projects to Tonga Power, please contact us to discuss your proposals, and if suitable to your needs we will provide a copy of our power purchase agreement for your review. Given the Tonga Power’s demand is not big, there is a limit to the capacity that can be connected to our grid, and to the output we are able to purchase. Each application will however be viewed on a case by case basis.

Please review the policy to further your understanding on the terms and conditions you will need to consider.

For further information please contact:

Tel: (+676) 27 390

Fax: (+676) 23 047

Tonga Power Generation Connection Contract

The Generation Connection Contract is now available for Tonga Power customers. It contains important terms and conditions to assist you in considering a Small Scale distributed generation scheme. It contains information on what both parties (Tonga Power and You as a Customer) must agree upon before signing the agreement to install generation at the premise. A contract must be entered into if you want to connect to our grid.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with the new generation connection contract before you choose to install generation in your property.

Should you need to obtain more information about the agreement please call:


Tel: (+676) 27 390

Fax: (+ 676) 23 047