Small Distributed Generator Connection and Metering Diagrams

Connection Metering Diagram

If you are looking to install a small distributed generator such as a small solar system or a small wind turbine please take the time with your designated electrical contractor to study the following metering diagrams. 

These diagrams depict how the meters will need to be installed in order to meter the electricity produced by your generator as well as meter the electricity used by you. 

These diagrams will help your design considerations. For example, if you are planning on installing your generator far away from the existing metering point of your installation, the relevant metering diagrams shows that you will have to run a line from your generator back to your normal metering point. After considering this you may want to move your generator closer to the existing metering point.

Please take the time to consider these diagrams with your electrical contractor. If you have any further questions regarding these diagrams please contact us on Tel: 27390 or Fax: 23047.

The SDG diagrams can be viewed and downloaded from our website by clicking on the link below. 

Normal Meter Config Download

Master-Sub Config      Download

Master-Sub SWB Download