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Charges and Expenses
The cost to reconnect power supply after it has been disconnected is a total of $20 pa’anga. Customers paying before 12.00 PM will get their electricity power connected on the same day. Late payments will not receive power connection until after 12:00 PM of the following day.
We strongly recommend that you consider electronic or automatic payments to avoid any inconvenience or embarrassment of disconnection.
New Connection and Disconnection
Payments overdue after three months or more shall be treated as new connections, not a reconnection as per concession contract. Urban areas are defined as the areas within 4 kilometres of Nuku’alofa Post Office and within 2 kilometres of the Post Office on the other islands. Rural areas are all other areas in the islands where Standard Service is provided by the Concessionaire.
Urban 1 Working day, Rural 2 Wroking days
Your electricity can be disconnected for a number of reasons including non-payment of your electricity bill. To reconnect your electricity you will have to pay any arrears on your account as well as a 20 pa’anga ‘Reconnection Fee’. Please note that if you do not pay your arrears and the ‘Reconnection Fee’ before 12.00pm your electricity may not be connected until after 12.00pm the next day.
Long Disconnection
The Electricity Commission will have to inspect the house wiring and then, contact customers regarding a bond to be paid. A new service line may also be paid by the customer as one of TPL requirements.
If your electricity has been disconnected longer than 3 months than it is counted as a ‘Long Disconnection’. Please call 24-607 for detail information on the reconnection of your supply.
Permanent Disconnection
If you require permanent disconnection of your supply for whatever reason, please contact TPL on 27-744 well in advanced in order to arrange the permanent disconnection. Please note that if you paid a bond then this can be reimbursed as long as all arrears on your electricity account have been cleared.
Charges and Expenses
TPL will make an estimation of any cost related to the materials, labour and transport that you are required to pay before electricity can be connected. You will be contacted to inform you of how you are required to pay. 
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